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Titel: congratulations
Bericht door: gordon op 16 Juni , 2009, 10:57:02
Congratulations on your two set victory at Westzijderveld. Undoubtably the Portuguese holiday and the fine tuning on Monday were benificial in your glorious stride. Vooral doorgaan and see you in the final

Titel: Re:congratulations
Bericht door: ron op 16 Juni , 2009, 11:23:00
Thank you for your encouraging words, everything isn't running smoothly, but indeed the fine-tuning was absolutely necessary, because otherwise probably every ball was ending in the meadow land between motorway and police station.
Also the chair lady of our fan club Tiny was there and helped us enormously with her support.

Titel: Re:congratulations
Bericht door: gordon op 19 Juni , 2009, 17:19:48
Another victory with conviction. Well done and good luck in the semi-final.